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Meenakshi did editorial work for my first book, Jung in India, in 2012-13. She was extremely professional with her inputs, improving my book in many ways. Her inputs were particularly appreciated because I was handling a large mass of archival data for my project from multiple historical sources and records. Meenakshi looked after the content, flow and structure of the writing, letting me focus on the research. It was exactly the help I needed to complete my work. I recommend her services heartily.”

Sulagna Sengupta, Author of Jung in India, Spring Journal Books, USA & Animus, Routledge, London, UK, (upcoming 2021).


If you are an author with a book manuscript and need a trained and experienced copyeditor to read it for sense, weed out typos, impose a consistent style on your text or references, and get it ready for a publisher’s scrutiny or for a self-publishing platform, Absolute-Ink Editorial can help you meet all of those goals.

What I typically edit:

  • Scholarly humanities and social sciences monographs.
  • Multi-author/edited academic books in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Non-fiction trade/mass-market publications.
  • Fiction (short stories, novels, novellas.)


Your book manuscript has been copyedited and the pages are either ready for typesetting or have already been typeset. Now you want to hire someone to take a close look at the pages to make sure they print the way you want them to and also to ensure that the printer’s devil has not left behind any stray errors, like editorial comments inter-run with your copy, stylistic inconsistencies, wrong fonts, or sentences missing words.

Send your proofs to me, and I guarantee that your pages will be much better off after they face an eagle-eyed proofreader’s scrutiny.

Technical Editing

We live in a fast-moving digital information age where content is being repurposed in a variety of digital formats and needs to be responsive to clients’ varying needs. Whether you have a business document, a white paper, a PowerPoint presentation deck, website content, social media posts, or marketing materials that need polishing and editing while also being optimized for whatever digital platform you are using, Absolute-Ink Editorial can help you with those tasks as well.

Technical content that I have edited in the past includes:

  • Environmental impact reports and other types of environment-related documentation.
  • Software documentation for the web.
  • Marketing material.
  • Healthcare and medical content, including medical journal articles, website content, and book chapters.

Book Reviewing

Your book is already in print and you need someone to review it. I am a freelance book reviewer and write reviews for the New York Journal of Books and other outlets. My areas of interest are multicultural literary fiction, postcolonial writing, South Asian writing (fiction and nonfiction), and books on current affairs, philosophy, and literature.

Take a look at some of my reviews in the New York Journal of Books.

Let’s talk. Contact me today for a sample of my work.

“I worked with Meenakshi Venkat on two of my books and cannot be more pleased with her work. Meenakshi’s attention to details saved this dyslexic writer from many embarrassing mistakes. Her editorial interventions went well beyond cleaning up the spelling, grammar, footnotes, and bibliography to crafting more impactful syntax and adding substantive clarifications. I highly recommend her for your next project.”

William Grassie, Ph.D.