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I am Meenakshi Venkat and I run Absolute-Ink Editorial.

I’ve worked in the field of academic book publishing for 16 years, both in India and in the United States, where I now live. I’ve been a freelancer for 10 of those 16 years and started Absolute-Ink Editorial in August 2020.

I’m an editor because I read widely and love to write, and because the English language — in its literary, academic, or technical contexts — fascinates me.

I have a liberal arts background and have worked as a writing teacher at the college level. I also have master’s degrees in English literature and technical communication. I bring both a humanistic sensibility and a tech-savvy efficiency to my editing and proofreading projects.

Some of my past and present clients include Oxford University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, St. Martin’s Press, Bloomsbury, Baker Publishing/Brazos Books, Amazon Web Services(AWS), and Scribendi.