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Words matter. So do punctuation, spelling, consistency, and grammar.

Why should you hire a copy editor or a proofreader? Why pay someone to read something you have already read, re-read, and re-written a hundred times?

That’s why I started Absolute-Ink Editorial. Absolute-Ink caters to writers and authors like you — someone who has toiled over an academic monograph, nonfiction manuscript, or work of fiction for several months (or even years).

Your work is done. You now need someone to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. And polish your prose and make it shine. And you need the right person to do this.

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I’m a versatile editor and writer who loves to work with words. I offer basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of copyediting. I also offer first-rate proofreading, technical editing, and book reviewing services.

Take a look at what I can do for you in each of these areas.

Technical Editing
Book Reviewing

“I worked with Meenakshi Venkat on two of my books and cannot be more pleased with her work. Meenakshi’s attention to details saved this dyslexic writer from many embarrassing mistakes. Her editorial interventions went well beyond cleaning up the spelling, grammar, footnotes, and bibliography to crafting more impactful syntax and adding substantive clarifications. I highly recommend her for your next project.

William Grassie, Ph.D.

“Meenakshi is a fantastic editor. She is extremely responsive and thorough in her work. Meenakshi’s edits would go from typos to grammatical and syntax errors, as well as heavy editing.

José Ramón Enríquez, Ph.D. candidate, Harvard University

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